The Journey

  • Inner Child

    The way you were raised effects the woman you have and will become. Take a look back to discover the ways you're continuing to play out the same patterns from your childhood.

  • Self Love

    The way you feel about yourself effects the way you interact with the world. Look back on how you have handled yourself, and why, to discover how you can love yourself deeper into embodiment.

  • Liberation

    The way you are operating within limits is something you've agreed upon. Learn to release these limits through connecting to your heart center and letting go of the stories you were told about yourself and your abilities.

What's Inside ::

The Magic & Miracles That Await You

Total Eclipse of the Heart Audio Bundle

For the woman who is ready to release the stories she's holding onto to make space to live her truth out loud.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

A journey to discovering that the only thing in your way, is yourself.

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