A deep journey of inner healing through

intimate story telling, channeled transmissions and absolute honesty.

Total Eclipse of the Heart is an exclusive audio bundle created to bring you deeper into your heart through self connection and soul truth.

The Journey

  • Looking Back At Where You Once Were

    The way you were raised effects the woman you have and will become. By taking a look back, you will discover the ways you're continuing to play out the same patterns from your childhood and finally break free from them.

  • Learning to Love and Accept Who You Are

    The way you feel about yourself effects the way you interact with the world. Reflect on how you have treated yourself over the years, and why, to become aware of how you can find deeper love and acceptance for yourself so you can live fully from the heart.

  • Finding Freedom in Being Yourself

    When you begin to release the stories you're holding onto about who you are, you free yourself to become who you are meant to be. Finally break through all the limits you've found yourself within and express your soul fully.

Total Eclipse of the Heart is for the woman who is:

  • ready to meet herself in her truth, in her honesty, in her fullness

  • ready to transcend any limits she or others have placed upon her

  • ready to break free from the stories of the past to make space to live her truth

  • ready to shift paradigms and step into a new way of life

  • ready to become fully heart centered in her way of being

What's Inside ::

The Magic & Miracles That Await You

Total Eclipse of the Heart is an intimate journey.

The healing I am sharing has helped me break free from the life I felt I was supposed to live.

In this exclusive audio bundle you will hear me:

  • connect dots to my past
  • speak on topics I once avoided
  • discover the spiritual connection in all aspects of life
  • channel transmissions to awaken your heart center
  • step deeper into my soul truth

The purpose in sharing this audio bundle with you is to remind you that you are not alone.

Every human incarnate on this Earth has a story, a past, and a journey they are learning to navigate.

It's time now for you to dive deeper into who you are and allow the unfolding of your heart.

It is only when you allow yourself to step fully into the darkness, that you can turn on the light.

I discovered myself on this journey and I want that for you too!

Total Eclipse of the Heart Audio Bundle

For the woman who is ready to meet herself in the shadow, so she can bring all of her back to light.