The First Gateway ::

The Remembering

The first step on your Return to Divinity is to remember your truth.

The Remembering is the first gateway to enter. "Why?" You ask...

Let’s journey back to the beginning…

There was One Source. One. Through the human journey of trying to understand this One True Source, we have been continuously seeking to understand.

There have been, and still are, many routes you can take to find Source.

However, the image, reflection, and knowing of God(dess) has been distorted for many moons. Altered to fit the narrative of those who held power. All opposing one another, neglecting to see the common thread held within the core of them all.

As a feminine being, you have felt the disconnect and discord between your Soul’s true nature and the world you live in. You know the pain and suffering felt from ignoring your Soul’s call in order to follow the shoulds and expectations of others. You feel the truth wanting and waiting to burst from within.

So let it, beloved.

Let your feminine rise into her power.. her truth.. her divinity.

This is the time.

I’ve always been a believer of God, but never felt comfortable within the Christian religions I grew up around. I rejected God for quite some time…

The truth of the One True Source is not accurately portrayed within the scripture, the sermon, and the dogma of Christian religions. 

The true potent divine nature of all beings has been distorted so that we are made to believe that we are of sin, unworthy, and disconnected from the love of our eternal Source. 

For years I avoided the term God within my sacred work. I feared that the message may be misinterpreted if I used this term to describe Source. I worried that you may perceive my channels as more words curated to separate you from your power- just as our religions have done. I viewed spirituality as something entirely separate from God.

Through the religious lens of Source, we are often taught to search for God outside of ourselves. We are taught that God is a masculine power and presence in the sky. We are taught about the masculine energy of Source, and the feminine has been completely ignored.

Source is a concept far greater than what the Bible can tell us. How can it truly give us a complete picture when it is not complete in and of itself. The Bible has been edited heavily. Transcripts have been both removed + added over the years. It’s an excellent tool to help you discover.. and it is incomplete. 

I am happy to use my voice, and my channel, to bring the Divine Mother back into her rightful home. She is just as, if not more, important than the Father in the sky that we have been told to solely worship. 

It’s finally time to come back to the One True Source and reclaim the Divine Nature within each + every one of us. 

It’s time to R E M E M B E R. 🕊

What's Inside the Free Preview ::

I welcome you, with open arms, as you begin to dip your toes into this sacred work.

This is just the beginning…

I truly feel all women should have the opportunity to receive this transmission & activate their potential for transformative liberation. No strings attached. This is absolutely free for you. It is my gift for you to remember who you truly are.