Successful Spirit

The All In One Basics Bundle for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

"My business still isn't working!"
*cue frustrated tears*

Hey, I'm Lisa!

I’ll let you in on a little secret-
you’re focused on the wrong thing.

✦ Always trying to attract new people. ✦

✦ Spending all your time and money on strategies. ✦

✦ Trying so hard to figure out what everybody else wants. ✦


Before you start doing that you need to have a solid foundation around who you are.

Yes, business is about serving others and providing value.

You're providing a service that other people need.

The ultimate focus is on others.

 But, where you need to focus first is on yourself.

Success is an inside game, and most entrepreneurs skip the most foundational step only to end up chasing success instead of creating it.

You need to cultivate a successful spirit!

Successful Spirit

An entrepreneur who grounded her desires into her reality, is willing to do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true, and knows exactly who she is and what she offers.

Successful Spirit: The All In One Basics Bundle for Bad Ass Spiritual Entrepreneurs Who Want to Grow the Business of their Dreams

✦ Do you spend hours drafting the perfect post only to have nobody notice it?
(no likes + no comments = total disappointment) 

✦ Do you shrink back in doubt when someone asks you about what you do?

✦ Do you totally seize up on sales call and not even offer your services?

✦ Do you find yourself giving away your services for free?

  • Success Key #1

    Stop doubting yourself! Go 100% in on your dreams and FINALLY understand where to put your focus first to actually bring them into reality.

  • Success Key #2

    Understand exactly how the Universe is always guiding you towards your success, and how to listen so that you can stop second guessing yourself & start making moves that actually create money.

  • Success Key #3

    Feel worthy of charging for your services, so you can get out there, be seen and stop hiding behind the fear of charging. Get paid with ease and become confident AF to go all in on your business.

Successful Spirit is a bundle of the most valuable, rarely before seen trainings & meditations I’ve ever created to help the aspiring entrepreneur 

✦ connect fully to your dreams and desires so you can lower the volume on what doesn't matter and begin to focus on what does ✦ 

✦ become confident in your skills as a spiritual woman who is here to change the world ✦

✦ uncover and release the things that are holding you back from showing up, selling, and creating the thriving business you envision ✦

✦ shift outdated energetic patterns that are keeping you from going all in on your business ✦

✦ create a new reality for yourself where your business is growing daily, paying your bills, and replacing your income from that muggle job you've been forced to work ✦

Your business is destined for success!

Successful Spirit: The Bundle is the only thing you need as a beginning entrepreneur to get all the pieces in place and the foundation laid so that you can commit to your vision, show up fully, and allow your dream business to come to life!

What's You Get Inside Successful Spirit

A peek into the bundle & transformations that await

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and start really building a business?!

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Successful Spirit

The All In One Basics Bundle for Spiritual Entrepreneurs