Sacred Space

Defined as a space that is differentiated from other spaces where you can practice rituals such as self care, relaxation, and coming back home to yourself.

Setting Space is the self paced course for learning how to turn your rooms from just a regular room to an inviting, sacred space where you can retreat to restore your energy, find balance and peace, and rest your Soul.

Having a sacred space is imperative on your spiritual journey. It is almost impossible to energetically heal and elevate your frequency while you're surrounded by a space that does not bring you peace.

Sacred spaces look different for everybody. This is a guide for learning how to create a sacred space for yourself. You will be led to discover what a sacred space means to you and learn how to create that using energy clearing principles, meditation, and interior decorating.

The space you spend your time in has great effect on your energy, your mindset and your life. I am on a mission to help you create a beautiful space to has a positive impact on your life, your energy and your body.

Turn Your Rooms Into Sacred Spaces

Using energetic clearing practices, spiritual intentions and interior decorating with ease and grace.

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Inside this container..

Lesson 1: Energy & Clutter
In this lesson you will discover the link between your energy and your space. The clutter you may find yourself surrounded by has a deeper meaning and the things you are holding onto are also holding onto you. Learn how to effortlessly let go of what is not in alignment with your vision and create a clear space for your Soul to rest.

Lesson 2: Sanctuaries, Vibrations, Manifestations & Meditations
In this lesson you will learn how to energetically clear your spaces so they remain in a pure vibration. Discover different tools for space clearing and how to use your space to manifest your desires. Follow along in a guided meditation to uncover what your perfect sanctuary looks like.

Lesson 3: Aesthetics & Decor
In this lesson you will begin to link the spiritual with the physical, discovering how to decorate based on your Soul's desires. An introduction on how to use the art of Feng Shui to match the energy of your space with your intention. Learn which sacred tools are also person's best friend when it comes to beautiful decor.

Setting Space

Everything you need to know to turn your rooms into beautiful sacred spaces where your Soul can rest.

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