Harness Your Energy, Heighten Your Intuition, and Find Your Spiritual Path

This program will help you

  • Energy

    You understand everything is energy but what does that mean for your daily life? Learn how energy effects you regularly and what you can do to work with it.

  • Intuition

    You desperately want to receive signs and messages but never see them when they come? Learn where to look for these messages and how to recognize them when they come.

  • Spirituality

    You're looking to dive into spirituality but have no idea where to start? Learn how to find the unique spiritual path that is meant for you.

What You'll Learn

  • 01
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  • 02
    Energy Essentials
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    • Introduction to Energy!
  • 03
    The Root Chakra
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    • Root Chakra Discussion
    • Root Chakra Visualization
  • 04
    The Sacral Chakra
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    • Sacral Chakra Discussion
    • Sacral Chakra Visualization
  • 05
    The Solar Plexus Chakra
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    • Solar Plexus Chakra Discussion
    • Solar Plexus Chakra Visualization
  • 06
    The Heart Chakra
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    • Heart Chakra Discussion
    • Heart Chakra Visualization
  • 07
    The Throat Chakra
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    • Throat Chakra Discussion
    • Throat Chakra Visualization
  • 08
    The Third Eye Chakra
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    • Third Eye Chakra Discussion
    • Third Eye Chakra Visualization
  • 09
    The Crown Chakra
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    • Crown Chakra Discussion
    • Crown Chakra Visualization
  • 10
    Chakra Healing
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    • Chakra Healing Meditation
  • 11
    Signs & Messages
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    • Where To Look For Messages
    • Meditation to Open Up to the Divine!
  • 12
    Finding Your Spiritual Path
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    • Mysticism & Spirituality