What if you just got to be yourself?

What if through simply living as an expression of your Soul and of your truth;

through expressing who you really are in the core;

through living as an expression of your heart…

you could receive everything you ever wanted.

What if the transformation your world actually needs is one that happens within?

What if everything got to be easier and easier the more you became yourself?

D a r l i n g , 

When you stop fighting against your divine truth..

When you unplug from the programs that are running beneath the surfaces..

When you disconnect from what the world around you tells you to be..

& you reconnect to your divine truth, to the soul who you really are deep within…

The entire world unfolds for you. Things shift in your favor.

You stop meeting resistance at every turn and in every corner.

You open to ease.

Life begins to effortlessly flow for you.

Love, it is not about fighting that which is unpleasant.
It is about rising out of it.

The programs of our reality that have been passed down generation after generation will always be there.

It’s energy- can not be created or destroyed. But it can change form…

And it can change form within you.

You have the option to let go of all that you’re carrying and return to divinity;

to let it all go, let the pieces hit the floor, and pick up only what is yours to carry.

This is the transformation available to you… This is the work we will be doing inside…

Return to Divinity is an activation and initiation for your soul.

Let’s now rise together as One and create a new world for those to come after us.

This is the work that changes the world for generations to come.

This work is not only for you, but for every woman who comes after.

This is global + eternal collective transformation and it is happening within you.

My love, I know you want to change the world.
I know you want to leave the world a better place than you found it. I know how big your heart is. 

Feminine Rising;

A journey to awaken your feminine wisdom + reclaim the power that is rightfully yours.

For the Woman Who Is...

  • tired of feeling disconnected and self-suppressed
  • ignoring the call of her Soul to please + meet the expectations of others
  • wanting to find God, but feels something is missing in traditional religions and churches
  • sick of the judgement game, and ready to step into absolute acceptance
  • seeking truth above all else
  • ready to see herself in wholeness, both shadow and light
  • feeling the world needs to change and wanting to make a difference
  • sick of the reality where men come before women
  • accepting the duty to heal her family's generational trauma
  • discovering what it means to be a spiritually embodied woman

Walk through the gateway and find a world where...

  • both feminine and masculine exist in a harmonious balance
  • truth is easily and effortlessly expressed
  • judgement does not exist
  • there is no separation
  • the Soul is trusted and always leads the way
  • you always know exactly what to do and how to heal
  • the patterns and programs of density have dissolved into light

My love, if you've been...

wondering, seeking, looking

 to find find true connection?
it's within.

 to find a truth that finally feels like home?
it's within.

 to find the next step towards your source?
it's within.

A Peek Inside...


It is time to rise.

Enter the Second Gateway, Feminine Rising, where you will be introduced to the unique codes and frequencies of feminine Ascended Masters who’s image and reputation have been distorted within the 3D matrix.

These codes are shared through direct channeling of the messages + teachings of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Isis.

These three beautiful ascended women will be sharing their unique passage way on the Return to Divinity. You will learn to open the sacred gateway within yourSelf through their mastery of ascension.

These three beloved beings will bring through three specific transmissions:

 Mother Mary | Purity + Healing

 Mary Magdalene | Sensuality + Sexuality

 Isis | Magic + Mysteries

During their lifetimes here on Earth, they each individually held so much feminine wisdom and mastery. The powers that be feared the innate feminine knowledge and power, so they suppressed their teachings and distorted their image for years to come.

It is now time again, in our modern society, for the feminine to rise.

Feminine Essence, Masculine World

The world has operated within a patriarchal paradigm for many, many years - which has created discord and disconnect for the feminine.

The very first journey you will move through within this portal is this channeled transmission for you to re-discover your feminine nature and reclaim the innate power you hold within. This is an important first step on the journey to rising. It is recommended you receive this transmission before moving onto each feminine Ascended Master's unique codes.

The three transmissions of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis will be released as their channels come to completion.

Details outlined below:

The Codes of the White Rose // Mother Mary

Purity + Healing

✺ Discover her sacred path to restoring your bloodline to it’s purest essence, that of divinity.

✺ Learn how she was able to birth the Christed child and hold the frequency of pure light.

✺ Receive codes to heal your ancestry and restore yourself to your Soul’s pure essence.

The Codes of the Red Rose // Mary Magdalene

Sensuality + Sexuality

✺ Discover her sacred connection to her divine nature through pleasure.

✺ Learn how she used her pleasure to rise into wholeness with Source and awaken this power in others.

✺ Receive codes to tap into the power of your pleasure and sacred sexuality.

The Codes of the Gold Rose // Isis

Magic + Mysteries

✺ Discover her ancient secrets for manifesting desires through magic, intent, and love.

✺ Learn how she passed along the sacred teachings through the initiated feminine.

✺ Receive codes to awaken your sacred power of creation and open the gateway to her mystery teachings.


This gateway will be brought through in completion and re-launched by Jan 11, 2021. Join now for EARLY ACCESS + PRE-SALE DISCOUNT.

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J O I N . N O W

About Your Host...

Hello Love. I am the Lisa Dooley.
I am here to help modern priestesses remember their ancient wisdom, awaken to their soul truth, and reclaim their divine inheritance.

I am here to bring forward the healing and reclamation of the Divine Mother.

I have been on a journey of spiritual self mastery for most of my life. Through my studies and eternal search for truth; I have become Reiki Master, Energy Therapy Practitioner, Rose Priestess, Holy Priestess under the Order of Melchezidek, Channel, Oracle, Women's Mentor and Spiritual Teacher.

It has always been my passion to help women heal their Soul's wounds to return to their Divine Self.

I have been led through many attunements, activations, initiations and soul journeys to get to the space I am in now. I believe the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have and deserves the most of your time, honor, and respect.

You are God(dess) experiencing yourself.

There is no greater honor than to share the medicine with you and help you form a stronger connection to yourSelf, decode your energetic expression, and heal your wounding that was created by dense programming within the 3D matrix.

This is the work that changes the world and creates a universal Heaven on Earth.

My Love,
It is my honor and pleasure to share this work with you.

The world needs more women awakening to their own power and divinity.

The world we live in is moving from one of density to one of light.
The patriarchal rule is coming to an end, and the feminine is rising into perfect harmony and balance.
The great shift is happening now and it starts within you.

Thank you for being here and doing this work. It is an important time for us.

It is time we rise...

If you have any questions about this container that haven't been addressed on this page, please feel free to reach out to me via Instagram DMs.
It is my pleasure to connect with you. 
xo. Lisa

PS.. You can get free access to Gateway 1: The Remembering here.