Beloved, I am so happy that you have found yourself here.

Please know that you are on a beautiful journey of Spiritual Ascension that your Soul has set forth long before you became incarnate here on Earth. No matter where you are now on your journey, there is always more to integrate, to understand, and to embody while walking the spiritual path.

Walking the spiritual path within a human body can feel like walking on a tricky tight rope. Not only are you afraid of what you're leaving behind on one side to get to the other, you're afraid of miss stepping or falling off into what's below, not sure if there's going to be a net that catches you.

What I am here to assure you is there is no thing to fear. This journey is purposed. It is meant for you. And you are so spiritually supported, far beyond what you can comprehend at this moment in time.

I remember the apprehension I felt when I began my journey to spiritual embodiment. I wasn't sure where to turn, who to believe, and what I needed to accomplish in order to become the highest version of myself that I knew was waiting for me.

Over the last 5+ years, I have taken step after step on my spiritual path. Despite the fears and apprehension I once felt, I took the steps my Soul called for me to take. What I learned is most importantly that there is always more to learn, or un-learn rather.

We are brought up in this life to be human, to live the life we're "supposed" to, to listen to what others tell us is right, and to forget our innate divinity. This is no fault to who raised you.

This epic forgetting was a part of the beautiful plan. And now it is time to remember.

Crystallize is everything you need to heal your wounds, honor your Soul, and ascend into higher vibrations where you can live a Heaven on Earth existence.

Crystallize is a verb meaning to become definite and clear. This is an opportunity and an invitation to ground down into your spiritual truth, let go of all the things you are carrying that you are not, and stand firmly within your Soul truth.

This is a catalog of spiritual teachings that take you deep into your journey spiritual ascension and embodiment. These teachings were created to help you remember and reclaim your divinity and stand strong in your power to create Heaven on Earth.

The Magic Inside of Crystallize ::

What's Inside //

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From Carbon to Crystalline

The Ascension Journey

As you move through these teachings and transmissions, both your physical body + your consciousness begin the process of crystallization, allowing you to move out of your Carbon based structure and into one of higher light.

What This Means:

This allows you the opportunity to create the internal shifts that open new pathways.

You will be able to work with your energy + the energy of the Universe.

You will find a deeper connection to your highest Self.

You will open up to fully create Heaven on Earth NOW.

All of the content inside of Crystallize is seeded with codes for your awakening.
No matter where you are on your journey, Crystallize has transformation for you.

Who Is This For....

* For the woman who wants...

  • to reclaim power over her lifestyle and choices
  • to understand the universe and the way it works
  • to expand her consciousness
  • to create miracles in her every day

* For the woman who is ready...

  • to go deep into herself and examine the programs that she’s running
  • to make changes in the way her mind interprets reality
  • to let go of excuses and suffering to step into power and bliss

* For the woman who is willing...

  • to lead herself through the journey
  • to commit to consciously making changes in her life
  • to leave it all behind and step into her truth

Please note: all of the content I create is with people who identify as women in mind. however, the content can be applied to any soul in any body. if you feel called to this program, trust yourself 🖤

Beloved, Are You Ready?

It's time to step into your Soul truth, reclaim your innate power and create Heaven on Earth.

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