Welcome to Crystal Clear

A sacred online temple where you can reconnect with your energy and rediscover the truth of your Soul.

Your energy is your signature.

It is the most important thing you can master in this life. 

It speaks for you before you do. It tells your story before you can.

It creates the experience of your life. It is the foundation of your reality.

You are more than your body, my love...

You are an essence of the Universe.
A spark of God(dess) experiencing itself.

A beautiful Soul incarnated on Earth with divine purpose.

Your energy is interacting with the world around you in every moment. It is constantly taking on energy and information from the people you cross paths with, the places you go, and the experiences you create. You are constantly sharing information with the world around you, through energy.  You're picking up on vibes all day, every day.  And most often, these vibes stay within your energy field for far longer than you think!

The reality we live in is created from energetic patterns and programs that are inherited and passed down through each generation. As people move through life unconsciously, they are perpetuating these inorganic patterns that keep you separate from your energy, your Soul, and your true divine nature.

Beloved, this is why you are here.

You have awoken to the truth of the Universe and are ready to rediscover the truth of your Soul by clearing out the distortions you've unintentionally been carrying within your energy field.

You are ready to become Crystal Clear!

Reconnect with your energy and rediscover the truth of your Soul.

Stop pretending to be a powerless human here on Earth. Clear your energy and reclaim your God given power.

Get Crystal Clear

Energy is everything... It is the foundation of your reality as you know it.

& it can be shifted!

  • Shifting Out of Stress & Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety are energetic patterns caused by clogged energy that hasn't been moved, cleared, and/or re-directed. Taking the time to care for your energetic essence will shift you out of the frequency of stress and anxiety and into the peaceful frequency of calm ease.

  • Shifting Out of Depression

    Depression is an energetic program loop caused by emotional energy trapped within the energy field that hasn't been felt, moved, and/or released. Caring for your energy creates the space needed for stuck emotions to move through you into release. This frees you to move into the vibrational frequency of joy and happiness.

  • Shifting Out of Anger & Fear

    Anger and fear are programmed energetic patterns into our society as we know it. Neglecting your energetic sovereignty pulls you into this same societal frequency and out of our divine nature. When you take intentional time to care for your energy, you are able to move into the frequency of love and abundance.

Taking care of your energy is the greatest skill you can have.

You bring it with you forever.
Constantly becoming more and more clear with every practice. 

If you've found yourself here, you are being called to clear out and start anew.

Totally refreshed....
Crystal Clear.

When your energy is cleansed and cleared, you are able to become more of yourself. The Self that is of your divine origin. You are able to embody the truest and highest expression of your Soul.

You finally release the energies that are no longer serving you and you have space to step into the life you came here to create. The one you've (not-so) secretly been dreaming of.

In this place of absolute clarity, anything is possible.

Crystal Clear was created specifically to help you gain clarity; the very thing you NEED in order to become your highest self and manifest your deepest desires

Channeled straight from Source, the transmissions included will bring you right back to yourSelf, your truth, and your Soul.

Get Inside Crystal Clear Now

What You Receive Inside:

» 1 video lesson on an introduction to energy «
» 7 audio lessons on each Chakra «
» 21 page Chakra worksheets which include facts, lessons, and journal prompts «
» 7 channeled healing transmissions that guide you into meditation and deep healing of each Chakra « 
» over 100 journal prompts for continued healing «

The work inside Crystal Clear is the foundation you need to totally release the outdated programs you've been holding inside your energy field. It creates an opening for you to become more of your truth, as you leave the rest behind. This work leaves you feeling lighter and brighter and gives you the tools you need to move through the dense energies of the world we live in.

Let me hold a candle for you and guide you on the way home to your Self.

You're invited into this sacred online temple, my love. I am holding the door open with the light on. It is up to you now to consciously choose to enter into this new beginning for you, as you return back to the one true Source of Self.

Are you ready and willing to rediscover the truth of your Soul?

I'll see you inside....